Lexi Dillon Child Trafficking Case Overview



Background: Attorney for the mother of a 7 year old little girl who was “legally kidnapped” by Orange County CPS despite no reliable evidence to support removal of the little girl from her mom and repeated credible reports by the child and qualified medical experts of alleged sexual abuse by the father.

The father, Mathew Srikureja is not allowed by the US government entry in the US which explains whey he has not appeared for the last 8 court mandated appearances. He is believed to be in Canada.

The Child Exploitation Unit of the RCMP is now involved and offered their assistance to the Canada Border Services Agency in obtaining police reports and CAST interviews. Also Adam ???? confirmed that an alert has been put into the Canadian system that if Lexi enters at any Canadian port of entry she will be immediately separated and interviewed and taken into custody.

Mathew Srikureja was very much into mind control which is consistent with a theory that this is related to Senator Nancy Schaefer efforts, before she was killed,to expose the link to the CIA and Child Protective Services abuse of children. The hearings on MK Ultra and Operation Paperclip, conspiracies proven to be true, documented experiments with children minds and behavior as a tool to create “child soldiers.” We have the testimony of Cathy O’Brien, Candy Jones, Gina Blasbalg as reported by The Province and the Times Colonist to support this theory. A google search turned up two relevant exposes on the connection between CPS and the CIA. A video entitled Whistle Blower Laurel Aston Ex CIA Op CHILD Trafficking Victim Exposes CIA Masonic Pedophiles & More can be viewed at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FN3oVRYIYmI . The video is very long and we will be posting the relevant parts ASAP.

FYI Lexi has been diagnosed as a gifted child and has Mensa Level intelligence and a photographic memory. In an IQ test she had the highest score in the county and scored 99 percentile across the county. When she told the police that he was photographing her naked and had thousands of photos, the police requested a search warrant but the DAs office refused to provide it.

According to Joseph Borovic, a doctor at white memorial hospital, Mathew Srikureja was fired for having orgies at the hospital. Joseph Borovic is no longer talking about the case.

The father has a history of sexual abuse in his family that goes back generations
Homeland Security has him under investigation not related to child abuse charges below. A neighbor reported that Home Land Security showed up at ___ attempting to arrest Mathew. They were driving black suvs, wearing black suits and ties and with handcuffs in thier back pockets. Some believe the IRS is looking for him and that might be true but it is unlikely they would send a Homeland Security task force to arrest him.

Lexi Dillon, a 9-year-old American girl has credibly and consistently stated she has been physically, sexually and emotionally abused by her father, a Pakistani-Thai citizen who is being denied entry to the U.S. by Homeland Security, reportedly for national security reasons. Though the Tustin Police Department found overwhelming evidence of the abuse, prosecutorial and social welfare misconduct have resulted in the father being given full custody of his minor daughter—-to him, a Suspected Child Rapist. The Tustin Police found enough evidence to request prosecution on six felony charges including:

California Penal Code Section 288 (a)-Lewd Act
California Penal Code Section 173 (a) (b) Child Abuse
California Penal Code Section 188.5 -Continual Sexual Abuse of a Child
California Penal Code Section 289 (a) (1) (A) – Anal Penetration
California Penal Code Section188 (a) (a) Oral Copulation
California Penal Code Section 188.7 (b)- Oral Copulation with a Victim under 10 Years Old

The OC District Attorney Tony R refuses to prosecute the father.

Agent for Homeland Security is Troy kite.

– investigated him and Tustin
agent for Homeland Security
Suspected a pedophile operation sunflower, bust of pedophies
Might have been IRS under investigation.
Neighbors told malinda black suvs etc came, warrant for his arrest agents ,

Press Release by Brian Claypool of the Claypool Law Firm Tel. (626) 664-9489.on Tuesday MAY 7, at 11:30am at 888 N. Main Street, Santa Ana, CA (Orange County Social Services Bldg)

Brian Claypool is one of the lead lawyers in the Miramonte child abuse case, representing 15 children and 22 parents. He will be appearing with Ruby Dillon (mother of a 7 year old little girl) to announce the intent to file a Federal Civil Rights lawsuit against the Orange County CPS as a result of the CPS willfully trafficking and abducting Dr. Dillon‟s 7 year old little girl by “fabricating evidence,” obstructing justice, committing perjury and routinely violating the law. The lawsuit is based primarily on safeguards provided under the 4th and 14th Amendment to the US Constitution protecting parents and children from Government interference with familial relations. In addition, Mr. Claypool will also be requesting that both the State Attorney General and the U.S. Department of Justice immediately undertake criminal investigations of the Orange County CPS to uncover a decade long custom and practice by the CPS of “child trafficking” for financial gain. Individuals at CPS should be criminally prosecuted for obstruction of justice, failing to report child abuse to law enforcement and aiding and abetting the commission of child abuse and child endangerment. Mr. Claypool will also be demanding that a comprehensive Audit be conducted of the Orange County CPS. Last, Mr. Claypool will be calling upon the Orange County District Attorney‟s Office to provide an explanation to the community as to why crucial search warrants were not issued immediately after the little girl made credible reports of alleged sexual abuse by the father (including videotaping and photographs) and why criminal charges have not yet been levied against the father for the alleged sexual abuse and members of the CPS for aiding and abetting the abuse.

The Orange County CPS is a “protected empire” free of oversight and motivated by state and federal funding based in part on the number of children they adopt out of foster care. Since federal and state matching funds generate the $2.2 BILLION budget for Orange County CPS, the primary means of generating more cash flow is through increased foster care and adoption caseloads! Simply put, the more children that are removed from a household (whether lawfully or not) the more money that flows to CPS through state and federal funding. Similarly, the longer a CPS file remains “open” the more funding that inures to CPS and Orange County. The living horror and grief that Ruby Dillon (mom) and her little girl continue to endure illustrate how fraught the CPS is with corruption and deceit.

In July, 2005 (when the minor child was 6 months old), the Court awarded sole physical custody to mom and visitation to the father. This order remained intact for 5 years until November, 2010 when mom stipulated to a 50/50 custody arrangement. The father, almost immediately thereafter petitioned the Court for sole physical custody. The CPS first gets involved with the minor child on February 25, 2011 when an emergency room doctor from Hoag Hospital calls CPS after the minor tells the mom she has been bleeding from her rectal area for over a week and mom observes blood on the toilet during a bathroom visit. The minor was 6 years old when this happened. The ER doctor diagnosed “three large rectal tears.” The ER doctor advises mom that this is “the worst case of exterior anal fissures he has seen in 17 years.” Despite the medical records documenting the suspected sexual abuse and despite a notation that the trauma was likely “non-accidental” and triggered from outside penetration rather than inside such as with stool, the CPS miserably failed to do the following: interview the ER physician, conduct a forensic exam to attempt to detect semen or other DNA, contact law enforcement, conduct a CAST interview of the minor child, and conduct an interview of the father!

The CPS web of deceit broadens throughout 2012 In January 2012, the father loses his job and the minor tells law enforcement and CPS the sexual abuse is occurring almost every time she is at her father’s house. Mom reports to CPS that the minor has experienced multiple instances of “vaginitis.” This type of symptom is extremely unusual in a 6 year old little girl and clearly raises a red flag of suspected sexual abuse. CPS did nothing with the mom‟s repeated reports of the vaginitis (not even reviewing the medical records or interviewing the pediatrician or the father). Mom reports to CPS in December, 2011 that during the minor‟s physical exam, an elevated level of erythrocytes and leukocytes (red and white blood cells) was detected. The elevated blood cells in a 6 year old are a patent indication of suspected sexual abuse!

Nonetheless, CPS willfully ignored another red flag and failed to review any of the medical records and didn‟t even interview the pediatrician, conduct a forensic exam or interview the father. It should be noted that the father of the minor is represented by a prominent lawyer Al Stokke who is an ardent supporter of the Orange County District Attorney. At no time did CPS ever intervene on behalf of the minor to inform the Court (as is their fiduciary duty) about this pattern of suspected sexual abuse by the minor‟s father.

In early March, 2011,a teacher at minor‟s school advised her that the minor had reported feeling her father‟s penis at night behind her as they slept together in the same bed. Mom furnished to CPS the teacher‟s signed affidavit under penalty of perjury confirming the minor‟s version of events. The CPS again failed to even interview the teacher or the father!

CPS had also been informed that the father was possibly sexually abused as a child by his older brother. The father‟s family hails from Thailand. This was another glaring red flag that should have warranted the CPS intervening and removing the minor from the father and returning her to mom.

In August, 2012 based on probable cause of suspected sexual abuse, the City of Tustin Police Department removed the minor from the home of the father and took her into protective custody out of fear that the minor may be in danger. Thereafter, the Tustin PD prepared and filed a petition to have the minor permanently removed from the father‟s home. What bigger red flag exists than the Police Department unilaterally taking the minor into protective custody! Instead of having the best interest of the minor at heart, the CPS does not want this custody dispute to end for fear of losing ongoing state and federal funding so it does the unfathomable and quashes the petition filed by the Tustin PD! Instead of the minor being returned to her mom (who has an exemplar record as a mom with no allegation of being an unfit parent) the CPS delivers the minor back to her dungeon. We have video tapes of the minor crying profusely when told that she must return to her father. At one point, the minor had threatened to commit suicide, this being conformed by the minor’s own attorney, Harold LaFlamme.

On November 7, 2012 the Court appointed therapist (as a mandated reporter) contacts the child abuse registry to report a new allegation of sexual abuse by the father. The minor stated that she had felt something penetrate her anus. Tustin PD immediately sends an Officer to the minor‟s school to interview her. The Tustin PD found the report of sexual abuse to be credible enough to remove her from the father‟s home (on a second occasion) and take her into protective custody. One would think that the CPS would finally relent on its quest to generate money at the expense of depriving a loving mom of the comfort of her child and knowingly placing a little girl in a situation where she may be sexually abused. There is no happy ending. The CPS dismisses the reporting of sexual abuse by a “neutral” highly regarded and respected court appointed expert in child abuse! The CPS again (for a second time) quashes the dependency petition by Tustin PD to have the minor permanently removed from the father‟s home. Shockingly, the CPS defies law enforcement efforts to protect the minor and again returns the minor to a living house of horrors.

In December, 2012 (after this potentially incriminating evidence of suspected sexual abuse surfaced) counsel for the father made a comment in open Court that the father now wished to give up custody of the minor to a “third party in another country” or have her committed to a mental home. Rather than returning the minor to her mom, the CPS again ignored this profound red flag and permitted the minor to remain with her father.

Most recent, Robert Munoz (senior social worker at CPS) with only a bachelor‟s degree in psychology perjured himself under oath a custody hearing by advising the Court that he was a certified “Evidence Code 730 child custody evaluator.” This representation to the Court was willfully false since Munoz is a family Court liaison and has never been qualified in Court as a “Evidence Code 730 child custody evaluator.”

After perjuring himself, Munoz astoundingly recommends to the Court that if any mandated reporter calls the 800 child abuse hotline number to report suspected child abuse pertaining to the minor, the call is to be flagged and rerouted to him and he alone will make a decision on whether any action or follow up should be taken. To do so is a clear and patent violation of the law.

Munoz goes on to recommend that “no other judicial officer should be permitted to evaluate the minor‟s case. Munoz further states in open Court that he fully expects the minor (as she becomes older) to become more graphic in her reporting of sexual abuse and that he fully expects all of the minor‟s reports of sexual abuse to be FALSE!

Munoz also made a recommendation that further violates both the law and the mom‟s Civil Rights by asking that the mom, who as a dentist is a mandated reporter herself, be enjoined from being able to report suspected child abuse to the CPS, the child abuse registry, the 800 child abuse hotline number, to law enforcement or any other agency. This conduct alone constitutes an obstruction of justice and amounts to aiding and abetting the commission of child and sexual abuse not to mention child endangerment. Forgetting that we live in a civilized society, Munoz went on to recommend that the minor only be permitted to treat with one doctor of the choosing of CPS. Last and most intriguing is the request by Munoz that Mr. Harold LaFlamme remain as counsel for the minor. Munoz referred to LaFlamme as the „gatekeeper.” How incredulous that LaFlamme was previously represented (in another matter) by the attorney who currently represents the father!

The mom and her legal team hope and pray that this impending legal action will not only reunite the minor with her loving and caring mom but will serve as a platform to hold CPS accountable in Orange County and across the country and prohibit government endorsed „child trafficking” for profit.


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