Canada Connection

Prior to you and Ruth becoming involved, Malinda can attest to how close I was to a breakdown. No matter how hard we were fighting and proving our facts, the court was becoming more egregious in its actions. The final straw was that day I thought they had moved out and Lexi was gone. All along I have maintained faith and never given up that one day the justice will prevail and the truth will set us free but that day when I believed Lexi was gone, all the emotions I have held tightly in check surfaced. I am so thankful Malinda would not let me go to the door because that could have been a fatal error. Thankfully she and Dan from Fox News intervened.

If I thought for even a second that Lexi would go to Canada with the lifting of this restriction,  I would be ok with it.  Canada has already offered me protection and their version of Homeland Security is familiar with Lexi and the situation. Furthermore if all 3 of us were there, this judge and court would lose jurisdiction. But I don’t believe for a second that she would go there. My ex knows the only way he can maintain control and prevent life in prison is to send her to Thailand. (Google swirl face.. He was an international pedophile that abused hundreds of children.. He was finally tracked down and found in Matthew’s family’s compound in Thailand.. And had been living there for 6 months working as a teacher. It’s just too much of a coincidence.. I really believe we are dealing with generations of pedophiles and incest in this family.)

I was also thinking about going to the FBI again today. If nothing else they can flag Lexi’s passport. Perhaps going to the Canadian consulate again would be worth a shot also. They didn’t get involved the last time but that was over a year ago.

When I was in Canada last Christmas, I met with Wally Oppal, former attorney general of British Columbia and a former judge and appellate justice. His advice to me was to get Lexi to Canada. The only reason that judge salter has allowed no contact is the fact that I think he knows there is nothing Salter could do if that occurred. The only issue would be getting there.  My criminal defense lawyer said it would not be kidnapping or child abduction under the law. Salter, of course, could and probably would manufacture contempt and illegally incarcerate me if he had the opportunity. Malinda is firmly against this option because she believes I will never make it to the Canadian border. Last year my lawyer agreed to stipulate to Lexi going to Canada and they did not accept which shows they have no intent to take her there.

I do want to discuss June 27 with you in person because I believe Salter will attempt to incarcerate me that day and the reason being is to give CPS jurisdiction to take Lexi into foster care. The court record shows this to be his intent.

Can we meet later this week and I can show you documents that I want you to make public should that occur and discuss things I can’t here.

Today when I saw Lexi, it took everything within me not to rescue her and sweep her into the car.



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