Persons of Interest in the Lexi Dillon Case

Current Location for Lexi Dillon is an apartment at 487 Robinson Drive Tustin

Our investigator went to condo directly across from 487 Robinson Drive. There is a nice young couple living there, with a clear view of the father’s place, both are second story condos. They reported that the washing machine and dryer goes night and day and it drives them crazy and that all sorts of people pulling in and out of the driveway, at all hours, blocking people from moving their cars in and out of their garages has prompted them and others to call the police. The neighbors also reported the guys in black suits, pulled up, handcuffs dangling, went up the stairs (probably Homeland Security discussed later). They heard the babysitters saying. “YOU Can’t come in.” The guys in black suits said, “Yes we can… we have a warrant.” They were there a while and then left. I asked if they were US Marshals or FBI…US Attorney’s? Neighbors shrugged their shoulders and could not tell.

Robert Munoz former CPS worker thrown off the case… lied in court papers about Ruby and Lexi

John Cate Minor’s Counsel hurting lexi

Elizabeth Ramirez, baby sitter hurting lexi
Blanca Salcedo baby sitter
Dr Kanofsky, said in my expert medical opinion Alexandria should not be in the unsupervised custody of her father… the father has been hitting

Dr. Sheffner 730 evaluator helped and backed up her disclosers good guy

Dr. Thea Reinhart therapist helped and backed up Lixi’s disclosures of sexual abuse, emotional abuse, abandonment, fears of being taken to Thailand good woman

Dean Tong former expert in false allegations working with the father, now turned against the father sees what a liar the father is…believes Lexi and her mother stated he was hoodwinked by the father and his attorney;s to misrepresent material facts and now believe the father did abuse Lexi.

Surin Srikureja, uncle brother of father, living in the house lying to process server that Lexi moved out last month sending Ruby into terrible fear that her daughter was already out of the country. lost his medical license in 5 states for alleged inapproriate sexual behavior with 6 female patients

Dr. Serena Srikureja,  psychiatrist Dre suspected of engaging in deprograming therapy


Sarah Holden a 56 year old woman bwas coming to the apartment every day to “work on the computer” according to Lexi. She then bought a shredder and shredded every document in the home. She was very aggressive and during the time the police were investigating was coming to every custody exchange. She then disappeared from the scene only to resurface when the shredding was taking place approx in September of last year. At that time the abuser husband had been gone for 3 months. Initially she was described to Lexi as a book keeper but a book keeper does not come to custody exchanges. More concerning were her dark black eyes and extreme aggressiveness she displayed towards Lexi’s mother. She did not fit any profile that the abuser husband would be having a sexual relationship with.

Sarah Holden sued her former employer for porn on the computer then dropped the suit when they discovered something in her background. I spoke with her former boss and told him my child was sexually abused and that she was for some reason helping the abuser. He advised me to check into her background in Colorado

Sarah Holden 56, born 3/1/56
OR1044627holden, Possible
714-535-0872, 16763 e main st orange 92865
1920 w culver ave orange ca
1072 palacio vw, unit 206 Colorado Springs co
P4 inc
3002 oak street Santa Ana 92707 ( previous employer who advised to do a background check in Colorado. Described her as a “nefarious” person.

Surin Srikureja also a Doctor is the brother of Mathew Srikureja
4 door dark colored late model Infinity license BC! C285 may be his automobile.

Surin is currently living at 487 Robinson Drive where Lexi is being held. He answered the door a process server went to serve documents and claimed he didn’t know who Lexi was and that no child lived there.

Surin lost his medical license for workers compensation fraud but previously was accused by various female patients of inappropriate sexual behavior.

I’m wondering if any of those women tried to sue him.

Also a background check may reveal the names of the women that accused him of sexually assaulting them while they were at his office as patients

Elizabeth Lockmer Ramirez, one of Lexi’s handlers is now driving a brand new car and bought a new home.

Elizabeth Lockmer Ramirez was born on September 8, 1970. She is a 42-year old Hispanic female, 5 feet 3 inches tall, and 175 pounds with an obese build. She has light brown hair and brown eyes.

According to her Social Security number address history, her most current address is 481 South Devon Road, Orange, California 92868. She owns/owned this property. The phone number associated with this address is (714) 978-2717. In addition, she has recent address records at 1908 East Monroe Avenue, Apt. 5, Orange, CA 92867; 201 North East Street (lived in various unit #’s), Anaheim, CA 92805, and 2841 East Lincoln Avenue, Apt 244, Anaheim, CA 92806.

Since her address history indicates that she has always lived in Orange County, we limited most of our searches to Orange County records. Some of our searches were statewide. Her Social Security number is 563-83-4510. Orange County Criminal Court records listed the following aliases on her records:

Elizabeth Locumer Ramirez Elizabeth Lockmer Ramirez Elizabeth Herminia Lockmer Elizabeth Lockmer
Court True Name Alias

Sheryl Lynn Edgar, age 57 is currently _____
Has Lived in
Silverado, CA
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
Orange, CA
Big Bear City, CA
Has worked at
Center for Children & Family Law
Center For Children
Van Deusen, Youmans & Walmsley
Related to
David Edgar
Stephen Cech
Denice Edgar
Cynthia Schmid

The FBI was interested in Edgar because Judge Waltz (____) routinely appoints her as minors counsel. He declares the parents indigent (one couple made 18k a month as per their filed income and expense documents) and tells her the state will pay her.. Ie racketeering.

She has legal custody of other people’s children which is illegal. When Salter took custody away from the father he gave it to her. She is definitely an insider and I believe higher in the corrupt food chain than the current minor’s counsel John Cate.

She apparently overnight a number of years ago bought a building and put up that “children’s center”. They have their own social worker assigned to them. Her own daughter is a known prostitute.

Eva Srikureja estranged wife of Surin  was a stranger to Lexi prior to this admittedly in the guardianship petition she told the investigator that she planned to “put Lexi into an apartment in Napa by herself because her husband did not support the petition” how is this not child trafficking?? Child held against her will in an apartment like a leper to be watched by unknown people.

Robert Mathew Munoz, approx 48, owned a condo in Long Beach ca
Robert Munoz, a senior social worker, was the chief witness that led the family court judge to give full custody to Lexi’s abuser. Munoz was investigated by the County for perjury and violating the policies and principles of Social Services Agency.

The agency has since relieved Mr. Munoz of his position but nevertheless contintue to refuse to protect Lexi knowing full well their employee endangered this child.

In 2002 Munoz lived in West Floral Park Neighborhood in Santa Ana and was the Candidate for Board Member; Santa Ana Unified School District
Biographical Highlights
Occupation: Senior Social Worker
Masters Level Senior Social Worker
17 years–Orange County Children and Family Services
Orange County “Social Worker of the Year.”
2002 Com-Link Neighborhood Hero
Vice President–West Floral Park Neighborhood Association
Former instructor– Cypress College

Martin Burns was very interested in Munoz. He was investigating Munoz and LaFlamme when he died.

John S. Cate, Jr. current minor’s counsel (#80918) … 730 E 17th St Santa Ana 92868 …. Family Law Panel – Qualified Counsel for Minor List … experience and training requirements in accordance with Orange County Superior Court Rule.
Motion to have Cate removed on Friday June 6 was denied.
A hearing last Friday in front of Judge Salter was to discharge John Cate, the minor’s counsel, because he refuses to represent his client in this case. John Cate acts as a representative of the father and, with knowledge of Lexi’s disclosures, suppresses evidence given him by her therapist and by Lexi, who is the main, consistent, unwavering, whistle blower in this case. However, the Judge refused to
remove the minor’s counsel and instead lifted the travel restrictions on Lexi so that she could be legally taken out of the country; possibly to Thailand, a non-signatory to the Hague Convention.

On August 1, 2013, John Cate was court ordered to get Lexi’s passport but failed to comply. Judge Salter on the record said “get the passport she is not leaving the country” and on the same day Judge Salter restricted Lexi to the seven Southern California counties.

On October 4, 2013, Judge Salter restricted Lexi to Orange County.

On June 6, 2014, Judge Salter on his own motion with no request lifted the travel restriction and reverted back to the judgment which stated that father could TRAVEL with Lexi on vacation. The final judgment allows him to travel with Lexi out of the country on vacation.

And on the same day according to the records, the father withdrew his move away request. This action was taken because the court wants to remove the move away on calendar and then when Lexi is moved out of the country the court can claim “We didn’t know he was abducting her, we just thought they were on VACATION.”

There is no evidence the father or his attorney is involved in removing the move away request. The Judge is operating on his own in this case at this point.


Harold LaFlamme (ex arms dealer) has the county contract for dependency court. He makes approx 6 million a year from it. Originally minor’s counsel later replace by Cate at his request because we believe he is being investigated for receiving 500,000+ from the ACLU.

Matthew DeArmey. He belongs to a group called the Yarom Hedonists. I always found this suspicious. You can’t join but have to be invited by a member. They believe in the pursuit of “free pleasure” something to the effect that as long as it is brings pleasure then there is no guilt.




Principal for aclu and got a check

One hour expose on laFlamme minor’s counsel before cate, after police filed a motion to get off,


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